Yoga seminar in Lithuania - The Purpose of Life


 Yoga seminar in Lithuania - The Purpose of Life

2-8 July, 2018

Every one of us, at one time or other asks the question: why we are born, why we are alive, what have we to do in this life? These basic human questions can only be answered with self-reflection. Societies and Religions have their answers; the Indian tradition has found their answers; but to find our own answer is becoming very important.


Yoga is a science that uses inner research to find answers. So we will reflect, search, meditate... to come closer to our own answer of how to fulfil our Life.

with Swami Nityamuktananda and Sabina

Swami Nityamuktananda nuotrauka

Swami Nityamuktananda Saraswati originally studied Theology; her university studies soon expanded to Education, Psychology, Philosophy and Art and Design (Ceramics).  In fact she has never stopped studying and never stopped teaching. Be it in colleges and universities; in workshops and international conferences, in Yoga Institutes and ashrams; or even on Silent Retreats etc. At the centre of her studies and teachings always is the subject of ‘Self-awareness’.

In 1997 she was awarded a ‘World-Peace Prize’ for contributions to World Peace (LGWPF/ NGO of UN).
Swami Nityamuktananda is the founder-member of the Council of European Grandmothers; estblished 2015 for reawakening the wisdom and values of the feminine principle, in order to create balance and harmony in all walks of life.



Sabina World renown dancer and actress performing in many  famous theatres in Europe, amongst these, in the Scala de Milan, La Fenice Venezia; in the Teatro Communale , Florence .. .. as well as in theatres and international Festivals around Europe; she collaborates as a choreographer and director; worked for cinema and television and won the coveted award for ‘best actress’  at Spolento, the famous independent film festival. She is well known and celebrated as a performer of Sacred Dances (India-Europe).

In this summer workshop, she will  teach us the Makkaho exercises ( a set of stretches that balance the energies in the meridians  through which the 5 energies flow)--- and more! She will help us to release blockages, improve the flow of energy and creating awareness within as well as our connectedness to the outer without. She has sublime knowledge of the physical body and the energetic fields beyond, working with individuals to expand and tune the awareness of how we move, stand and sit. She is kind and gentle in her approach; yet has ways to really move you and make long lasting positive changes. She will also lead us through her own Sacred Dance into Meditation. 

Place of the retreat - countryhouse Villa Ra, 60 km from Vilnius (capital of Lithuania)

Program - please see here...

Retreat costing for accommodation, meal and program using different possibilities is indicated in the following chart:

Accomodation Number of persons in 1 room Notes Prices per person (all inclusive)


2- 8 July 

Full Yoga seminar

6- 8 July


Rooms 2 2 single beds, bathroom 370 Eur
Rooms 2-4 2-3 single beds, bathroom for 2-3 rooms 310 Eur 140 Eur
Bathroom 230 Eur 100 Eur

Lectures and yoga practices will be in English (Lithuanian translation will be provided).

REQUIREMENTS (To take with you):

- yoga mat;
- meditation blanket;
- cushion for comfortable sitting during meditation and breathing practice;
- convenient clothing for yoga asanas;
- light coloured clothing for meditation;
- warm clothing;
- goods for your personal care;
- your own notebook and pen;
- all you need for swimming (there is possibility to swim in the lake); 
- Good mood :)


To secure accommodation, please send deposit of 70 € (rooms) or 30 € (tent) for one person. Whole left amount you can pay 1 week before the retreat or on arriving to retreat. You can make money transfer to our bank account. Requisites for money transfer:

Organization: VŠĮ Jogos centras Soham
Registration No. 301790803
Bank account: LT11 7044 0600 0646 0876
Bank: AB SEB bankas
Bank code:70440

Payment purpose: Seminar The Purpose of Life

P.s.: Deposit will not be returned when less than 1 month before retreat left.

Please fill registration form (name, surname, type of accommodation, e-mail and phone for contacts). If you have any questions feel free to call us phone no. +370 612 29608.

Donation /Dakshina (Love offering to the teacher)

The amount for participation cover the costs for lodging, meals, drinks, study material and other costs, like travel costs of the teachers. All teachers in the Himalayan tradition serve people free of charge and live on charity. It is a custom that students give a donation to the teachers, in order for the teachers to be able to support themselves.

The tradition of the Vedas, the ancient scriptures, says, "When we offer to a great being (GURU) with reverence, what comes back is a portion of the Guru's essence."

Your voluntary donation to the teachers for their teaching and guidance will be highly appreciated. The level of your dakshina will depend on your resources, love and the level of gratitude felt. During the retreat, you can offer your donation directly to the teacher or anonymously.

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